March classes preview

Okay I think I am taking on a bit too much....but I can't help it!!

Current classes

- 30 days of lists 
This is such an easy project that I just finished for my Finish-It Friday. 

It's just basically I get a prompt. I do my list. I use the letter stickers as part of my title. Add pictures later (do I even need pictures? Not really). 

- Define Your Style From A to Z

We are 3 days into this and I need to start. 

- Finding Photo Freedom
yep taking this again. Thanks to Stacy who felt bad that I was having so much trouble getting into class that she just let me in LoL. 

We are in week 4. I haven't looked at anything since the first week. It's okay though. My office/scrapbooking space is no where near ready at this moment. 

- Curious Scrapbooker's Field Guide
Ummm haven't been there since week 1. Last I check we were doing paint. why not!

-Simple Scrapper Focus March class
I need to sit down and work on this class

- Twelve in Thirteen
I can get caught up in March:)

Past classes I want to work on

- LOAD Feb 2013
I did 15 pages. I did maybe 3 or 4 prompts. So I have so many ideas stemming from that LOAD that I want to take on some more. 

- {Mo}tography Feb 2013
Well I discovered I couldn't do the class without instagram. So once I got me a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and it changed my life. Lol being overly dramatic here but seriously I love it. I need to do its own blog post. I deemed him to be The Beast aka Hank :)

-Simple Scrapper Focus 
I need to look at January and February. 

- Twelve in Thirteen
I need to get "caught up" on January and February

I was intending on doing the project on last year. It was a crazy year. 

And of course the list stops on number 11.....why am I even surprised? LoL Okay gonna do some more homework type stuff. 

Finish it Friday #7: 30 days of Lists

This month I'm participating in a project called 30 days of Lists.

I registered as soon as it opened, and was able to purchase Simple Scrapper kit for the project.

I was stumped as in how to decorate my album until I looked at the Flickr Group. Somewhat inspired by someone else's work, I made my album cover and used strips of papers to decorate the inside. It's number 1-31 because there are 31 days in March.

Here's my cover

And since I was late starting the project here are the first 3 pages. 

I'm leaving space on the left for pictures. Didn't have enough for that so I had to double up every 5th one.

This isn't technically done but it will be. I love making lists.


First weekend of LOAD -done!

LOAD is here! I love love love doing LOAD layouts. 

So I intend on uploading my latest batch of LOAD layouts here every Sunday evening. Since it started on Friday I only have 3 to share. 

First prompt was to do one with no words. That made me think of numbers. My immediate thought after that was the number 1 which reminded me of J's first birthday. 

Section page for J's birthday book

Since my love and I went on a weekend getaway, I decided to do a little LOAD on the ROAD. It was pretty easy since I was using a kit. I didn't get to do my second prompt for my version of the perfect day (I think I'll do this one soon). Instead I finished J's second page of her first birthday. 

Third prompt was to do a layout on something you appreciate that you often overlook. 

I did the sky - because I find the sky so beautiful. 

I want to explain this layout process. 

First, I chose the photo. I had four to choose from, and I debating whether to use all four or showcase one. I chose the best one from Halloween night 2012. I remember being out there ready to go trick or treating and I looked up and saw this beautiful layers of color. 

I considered a neutral background either white or kraft. Yet when I saw purple I decided to do a complementary color - light green. This cardstock was perfect - except it was a 12x12. It had some water damage on one side, so I went ahead and cut it down to 8 1/2 x11. 

I knew I wanted a little orange to pull out the orange in the picture. So when I went about choosing pattern papers I had orange in mind. 

I found this pretty set of pattern papers in my scraps pile. I was drawn to the stripes one first, and it was a left over piece. It was a little bit bigger than my picture so I trimmed that down. The flowers pp coordinated. It was in one piece.

I moved the pieces around a bit, knowing that I was going to put the striped one down next to my photo. After a while I decided I should cut the flower pp so that it would look like one huge piece. So it went PP - photo-  PP. At the last moment I added the orange cardstock down the middle so it would complete the framed look. 

I went through my themed stash to find a title. This chipboard title "outdoors" was perfect. I looked in my color bins for more ideas. I found this set of tabs that went with another project. I thought explore would be good. Instead of using both pieces of the tab I cut off one side. That way if I need it for another project I have it. Plus, it wouldn't been able to been seen anyways. 

A quick look at my ensemble I knew I was missing something -ribbon. I feel as though I use ribbon in most of my work. I thought it would be good to pull out a bit of red since there was dark red in the flower PP. I foudn this circles ribbon that was dark red with circles of pink and green. It sort of pulled together the looks because there was green in the background and the PPs, and pinks in the photo.

I arranged the embellishments in a triangle - to give it a balanced look. 

I journalled right at the bottom, with the date written on the orange paper. 

Journalling reads

The sky...
always a part of our lives that we forget to see how beautiful it can be
until we look up. 

From sunrise to sunset to moonlit - always beautiful. 

And that's my first Sunday installment of my layouts. I think I'll go over my process on the LO with the least comments. This one only has 2. I have a need to explain my choices for some reason. 

I'm currently in the Pretty paper party with Shimelle as well as the Curious Scrapbooker Field Guide BPC class with another one of my faves May Flaum. 

I just signed up for the 30 days of Lists starting in March. Yea I'm a busy busy gal! 


Finish-it Friday project: Library of Memories "latest collection"

On the first day of LOAD my true love gave to me...

Oh wait that's a song.

I decided for this week's project I needed to do something that needed to be done.

Empty my Library of Memories "Latest Collection" album.

I was slowly filling it up last year with layouts that I did last year. I enjoyed going through them with my youngest two before I had to put them in their new destination.

My goal for this album was to have a  place to put my latest and greatest layouts as soon as I'm done with them. That way, should anyone ask to see my work that would be the one that I pull out.

Here's my batch of layouts that I did last year. That's not much but it's better than nothing!!

The breakdown of layouts-

Places we go - 0
People we love - 1
Days we celebrate - 1
Things we do - approximately 5
All about us - approximately 7

So making room for the layouts that I am making for LOAD!


Welcome blog hoppers!

I know I'm your last stop :)

If I'm not your last stop - here's the list of participants.

Julie Shepler: www.sheplerfamily.com
Betsye Erazo: betsyerose.blogspot.com
Marcia Fortunato: mfortunato.blogspot.com
Kristie Sloan: http://kristiesloan.com/blog/
Katrina Forman: http://k84mansramblings.blogspot.com
Jessica Baldwin: www.inkyaddict.com
Marygail Mello: www.marygailscorner.blogspot.com         <------------------ me="" p="" s="" that="">

So I'm going to share with you my process on how I prepare for LOAD.

First I gather the following:
- stack of photos
- a piece of paper and pen
- page protectors
- a box to hold the page protectors

With my paper and pen I make a grid like this -

Then I number each box. Here I have 25. 

I go through my stack of photos, and put them into piles. Each pile represents possible layouts. I place them in page protectors. 

Here's my stack of page protecors. 

I use the paper as a chart. I write down the subject or event. 
Please excuse my chicken scratch. 

Sometimes I add embellishments or papers to the page protectors that I know I want to use. 

Right now most page protectors only have the pictures. I may go back later this week and fill them up. 

I put them in a box that would fit 12x12 page protectors. Here's my CM power layout box. 

If I need any more layout ideas, I have my inspiration file. 
. Basically the same concept as above. 

Business card holders as my guide

Each page protector is numbered. So all I have to do is look at my guide to know where my pictures are. 

My set up!

So I'm all set. I am using my table in my bedroom. I have my scrapbook page, and a cork board that I made myself. I think I'll add reminders for the theme of the day on there. My CM layout box is next to my guide. 

So come on February 1st - I'm ready for ya!

Thanks for reading my blog and can't wait to hear some feedback on my system.


NKOTB concert? - Why not!

I so want to go see a NKOTB concert! These reasons definitely convinced me.


I remember NKOTB in 1989 when I was in fourth grade. Every girl had picked out a member of the band as their boyfriend  and I felt the pressure to choose one myself. I picked Joey - because he was the youngest and made sense to my little mind that he'd be more likely to go for me since he's closer in age.

Yep that's how my mind worked. I remember liking them but it wasn't to the obsessive stage.

I still love this song.

But now?

Hell yea I'd go to this super concert featuring Nkotb, Boys II Men and 98 degrees. I'd be able to sing EVERY SONG. So yes please come to Colorado. I'd drag my man there but I'm sure he wouldn't mind :)



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